It’s finally feeling like fall. Cool, dry, windy days just seem to invoke the thought that summer is going away and the whole world is preparing to go to sleep.


Except us stupid humans, of course, who decide to do everything possible to master climate and not be slowed down by 9-hours of sunlight per day, temperatures that begin with a mathematical symbol, and the need to remain indoors for prolonged periods of time in order to survive.


I like this time of year, well, mostly. Except for the leaves falling off of the trees, the need to weatherize the house, going to and returning from work in the dark…Little things like that.


There is nothing like the seasons to constantly reinforce the march of time. Seventeen falls ago, I got married on a day that was as cool as this one, but damp–misty and occasionally rainy. I’m sure that somehow, I could probably recall something about each season since then: kids being born, moves, and events of some kind.


It’s been a long time, and an amazing journey with this wonderful woman that I love dearly. And we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but we’re still here, still together, and still in love.


I remember before I got married that my youthful innocence (read: stupidity, naivite, etc.) made me believe it really couldn’t be that hard to be married, at least not as hard as some people had told me. I mean, how hard could it really be to live with someone, love them every day, see them every day, share everything together, face challenges together…Oh…


I think it’s a law somewhere that couples learn to cope with difficulty by facing problems together. And I don’t think there’s ever been a married couple that hasn’t had at least one or two problems…At least the successfully married couples, anyway.


It took me a long time to learn to be part of a successful couple. But honestly, now that I’m here 17 years later, I don’t think I’d change a single thing. I’m still married to my best friend. Whether she knows it or not, I still share everything with Jenni, still love cooking for her, and still love just looking at her because she’s so beautiful to me.


No, we didn’t really do much of anything to celebrate this weekend–too much other stuff going on, but that’s OK. We’ll make it work and do it later. But all weekend, I’ve been remembering some of those seasons that have gone by over the last 17 years, and some of those amazing things we’ve shared.


Thank you, Jenni, for being a part of my life for every day of every season of the past 17 years. I love you.


See you tomorrow.