I’m angry, frustrated and disappointed right now, so I’ll be short.


I had a 9:30 one-on-one with my manager this morning to learn my new role in this reorganized help desk, and none of the 20 minute meeting was good. Nearly everything that I’ve worked on, taught myself about, specialized in and done for the last four years is being taken away, and that’s the best phrase for it: taken away.


Printer support is being farmed out to desktop, so I have to train someone to do that. Windows 7 printer stuff is still with me for slightly longer, until desktop gets a hang of things. Who knows who will answer the questions that come from around the country.


Tier 2 stuff is being drastically reorganized to the senior techs around here–a promotion I have consistently not been offered for reasons no one can adequately explain. And since I’m not a senior, I won’t get that role, either.


So I’m left to go back to the phones. The ONLY comfort I get in this is that I still have a job, still have benefits, and can still provide for my family. The rest is crap.


I’m just going to take the weekend to figure out my next steps. Maybe massage the resume. Maybe fantasize about leaving with some final flourish. Who knows.


See you Sunday night.






One response to “Punch”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Paul, Just read your last 2 entries. That Sucks.