So Friday went about as planned.

I left work early, headed home, did a quick load of laundry for the girls, ran to the grocery store, got Patrick, Jenni and then fed the clan, took Patrick back to school, the girls to their drop off point for the weekend confirmation retreat, headed back to Patrick’s school for the football game, and then finally made it back home sometime around 10:15 or so. Thanks to the grandparents for coming out. It was a nice night for football: cool, clear, not much breeze to make you too cold, and Patrick and the band were a lot of fun. Roseville lost in overtime, but as I recall, I don’t think my alma mater ever won a homecoming game. Nor did my college team, either. I have standards.

Saturday, we cleaned a bit, ran a few errands, and then had a friend of Jenni’s over for dinner and to watch the season finale of Doctor Who. I made a chili in the crock pot all day, and fired out three breads: a beer bread (from a box), a loaf of no-knead, and 16 dinner rolls based on the French bread recipe I’ve been using. All turned out outstandingly, thank you very much.

The girls returned today, so things have swung back into normal: laundry, grocery shopping, homework where necessary, more cooking (two bacon, spinach and swiss quiches tonight–with homemade pie crust; and another loaf of no knead bread) and some time for a little relaxation.

It’s back to normal for the week, and then another weekend without the girls as they head off to a Friday night to Sunday Girl Scout event…

It never ends here, I tell you.

See you tomorrow.