No, I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. The candy, dressing up, scaring people, and the like. It’s a quasi-holiday without a purpose…Sort of…   But the kids adore it, and part of being a parent is seeing things through the filter of your kids. I was told tonight by the girls that this […]


Sorry for the extended weekend, folks.   Really, I think I’ve got valid reasons for not blogging every night…Or even some of them. Well, except Thursday. That night is a little dodgy. But only because I was stressing out   Friday night was a game night with Matt and most of his family (which was […]


I’ve just been dragging today and feeling off. There’s a combination of angst, fatigue, stress, and who knows what else going on…Not sure if I’m getting a cold, but I feel just a little off, if you know what I mean. In fact, I couldn’t think of much of anything to write tonight…So…   I’m […]

One of Those Driving Days

There was one, brief, shining moment at 5:16 this morning that I’d thought about staying in bed for the day, pulling the blankets over my head and just trying to ignore the rest of the world. But, duty bound, or foolish, or insanely open to punishment and pain, I decided to get up, shower, get […]


Let’s begin at the end: butternut squash soup and three loaves of homemade bread for dinner tonight (2 loaves of French bread, and one no-knead loaf). It’s time for another vegetarian or low-meat week for Jenni and I, and having stumbled on an excellent preparation for the soup, I decided to do it again…Bonus: it’s […]

The Queen’s English

I was raised to use the language properly. That meant correct grammar, spelling, structure, flow and the like.   It’s to the point where to this day, I remember the laughing confrontation my parents and I had when they read through a 6th grade Civil War report I’d worked on and found this misspelled phrase: […]

The Forecast

Every weekday morning, I write up a weather forecast on a dry erase board on the wall in the kitchen. It was born out of the fact that my kids would always ask me what the weather was going to be like that day. And then whether it was going to be warmer or colder […]


Ladies and gentlemen, we here at Lathropworld are laying in supplies for the coming siege. We must be prepared, as best we can, for the dire days coming very soon. We have seen it on the news, know it’s going to be true, and refuse to be caught unprepared.   We are talking about the […]


It’s finally feeling like fall. Cool, dry, windy days just seem to invoke the thought that summer is going away and the whole world is preparing to go to sleep.   Except us stupid humans, of course, who decide to do everything possible to master climate and not be slowed down by 9-hours of sunlight […]