Here We Go

No, you won’t be hearing from me tomorrow.

Even though I’ll be leaving work early, things are going to be busy, busy, busy.

Pick up Patrick from school. Drop him back off at school in time to join the pep band for the homecoming game. Run home, pick up Jenni and the girls. Take the girls to church so they can head off to their confirmation retreat for the weekend. Then head off to the homecoming game…

And somewhere in there I need to feed my people.

With any luck, the rest of the weekend will be relatively low-key, and I know that I need that, just because things have been busy and active lately.

I’m looking forward to seeing Patrick perform as part of the band. And I’m excited to see the girls head off for their first retreat as their confirmation journey. But I am not that thrilled that they’re all happening at the same time. It makes my life complicated…

And it’s all about me, after all.

See you Saturday.