The Big Day

So you saw the picture of Patrick with his Star Scout badge yesterday. He picked up another 5 badges yesterday, including two that he needs for Eagle Scout.

It was cute to watch him yesterday. As his parent, I know him well enough to know he was anxious about the whole thing: excited, nervous, and proud. I’d relayed on what my grandfather had noted to me that none of his grand kids or great grand kids had advanced very far at all in scouting except for Patrick…Well, and Hannah and Zoe, who have stuck with Girl Scouting for a pretty long time, too…But Patrick really took that to heart, and I could tell that what I’d passed on from my grandfather really made him that much prouder of his accomplishment.

But then you think of some of the things that have brought him to that accomplishment:

(Those are from Many Point this past summer)

He’s the Senior Patrol Leader in his troop. So he wanted to be at the ceremony early in order to help set up, and get ready, because for the most part, he was going to run the event. But at 6:30, he was the only scout there. A little bit later, he was still the only scout there. So the leader had him start the ceremony.

I’ve seen this ceremony a few times now. I’ve seen Patrick participate, and I’ve seen him lead it a couple of times now. And I got the sense that this time, he really let it sink in, really felt some of the meaning. And maybe too, he understood what he’s really accomplished, and he’s really taking pride in it. As well he should.

The next step is Life Scout. Then Eagle. I never thought he’d get this far, but maybe that was just me projecting myself onto him. He’s very much his own person, and I really need to keep remembering that. Because he can take remarkably good care of himself when he wants to. And he’s really responsible when he feels like it. And he really deserves everyone’s respect and pride because of all he is. The only thing holding him back right now is that he’s a teenage boy, and teenage boys just like to do things their way.

Which is probably why he danced the robot at the Twins game. But that was probably a contributing factor to my clan getting on the scoreboard at the game:

I know. It’s hard to see. But just to the right of TC Bear is Jenni, then me (taking a picture of the screen), then Patrick, Zoe, and Hannah. Our seats were as close to not being in the stadium as you could get without actually leaving the stadium–we were in the far right hand corner, upper deck, 2/3rds of the way up, so that’s why the picture on the screen is so washed out. I don’t think they had a good enough camera lens to get all the way up there very well.

The Twins won–avoiding, at least for a night, suffering 100 losses in a season. (As it turns out, they won tonight, too, so they’re stuck for the year at 99 losses). We all had a great time–it was the first time at Target Field for the girls, and they enjoyed it:

So we watched the game, ate stadium food for dinner, and generally had a great time at the next-to-last ballgame of the season.


Wow. Almost makes the rest of the week feel anti-climactic.

See you tomorrow.

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