Keep on Rolling

It’s been a busy weekend, and we’ll just head into a busy week.

There was something going on almost every night last week–granted, not for me, but for Jenni and the kids. But the trickle down is that the schedule gets knocked off and so everyone gets out of their normal rhythm.

Jenni had something going on Saturday morning, and then Patrick and I had the Gopher football game that night. Today was the busy, too, with errands and laundry and the usual Sunday stuff.

Okay, so this coming week doesn’t look as bad, and actually will be more fun, but still…

Tuesday, we all go to Patrick’s Court of Honor for scouts, and then we’ll hustle downtown to arrive slightly late to the Twins game. Shouldn’t be a problem because I think there will only be a crowd of 15 or 20 people there.

Friday gets more interesting again, as the girls head off for their first confirmation retreat, so we won’t see them until Sunday. But then we get to hustle to Patrick’s school for his first performance with the pep band at homecoming.

We’ll see what happens, but Saturday doesn’t have anything scheduled. Yet.

Ah, perchance to dream…

See you tomorrow.