First the brief recap of the weekend, then perhaps you’ll appreciate the exhaustion from which this probably shortish post comes.

So, when last I posted (at least the one announcing the hiatus), we were madly cleaning and organizing around the house for this weekend, which was to feature not one, but two parties. The advantages to such an arrangement are very clear: you only have to clean once, and really, a bunch of food prep done for one party could just be used at the next party as well.

The downside is that you don’t seem to think about how hard it is to carry off hosting, cooking, prep, cleaning, etcetera for two parties in 24 hours. Or, more accurately, tiring and busy.

Saturday was the busy day: shopping, getting food ready for Jenni’s party, going to the Gopher football game, and then starting work on Patrick’s birthday cake.

Sunday was lighter, but mostly focused on the eleven guests we had over for Patrick’s family birthday party. And I consider it to be a huge success simply on the weight of his repeated hugs and telling me thank you for a great party. For that to come from a 15-year-old boy is something that carries a great deal of importance, trust me.

But almost better was the fact that he really wanted to help make his own birthday cake. So I give to you a photo of Patrick’s TARDIS birthday cake (for the uninitiated, the TARDIS is a time-travelling vehicle in the British sci-fi series “Doctor Who”):

So now I’m blogging on the weekend, and wishing I didn’t have to go to work in the morning, but there are some things that just can’t be postponed or put off easily. Patrick, I expect, will sleep hard tonight because days like today always tire him out. I know I will, because it was a lot of work for these two days.

But on the upside, the house is still clean.

See you tomorrow.



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