Of Note

That headline is a pun, trust me.

I’m still working on trying to organize my den, with one point of that organization being that my computer and the Casio keyboard I bought a couple of months ago aren’t across the room from each other.

And why is this important? Because I want to connect the two. To record songs, upload and download sounds and files. To have some fun with the keyboard and be more creative. Well, and to geek out a bit. But mainly to get more creative and have some fun with music.

Okay, and part of that also involves finding a good MIDI software for my computer and possibly some different recording software than Audacity. But that’s really geeking it out.

See the pun? Notes…Music…Get it? Not yet? Okay, try this:

Patrick is entering his seventh year of playing the saxophone. He’s in the 10th grade band at school, and apparently, part of being in band at this level is that being in the pep band is compulsory. Not to say that’s a bad thing: Patrick saw the pep band at the homecoming football game last year and told me he wanted to be in that band this year, so he got his wish.

What’s fun is that he really seems to be excited about it, which is more excited about playing his saxophone than he’s been in several years. He actually called me on his walk to the library from school today to tell me that he’ll be getting his music cards for the pep band music tomorrow (Friday). He also said that the Star Spangled Banner is difficult to play…

He’s got three events that he’s required to play at as part of pep band, including the homecoming game at the end of the month. I’m sure we’ll be going to watch him.

And not to be forgotten, the girls are still playing, now moving on to a new band and new music teacher at their new school. In fact, I got home today and heard the sounds of a flute coming from the house.

Perhaps sometime down the road, the four of us will put on a concert. Or maybe not.

See you tomorrow.