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Ah, the Tuesday that feels like a Monday but is really the start of a short work week. I wish I could say I was happy to return to work, but then it wouldn’t be work, right?

To answer the questions, the girls had a great day, and yes, “great” was their word. They’re back with friends who they’ve been in school with since Kindergarten. And they’re sixth graders…On to the start of middle school now. Here’s a shot from the bus stop this morning, now conveniently located just four houses from ours:

I was looking at this picture and couldn’t quite figure out what wasn’t quite right about it, and then it dawned on me: For the first time in seven years, they aren’t wearing school uniforms; and they really are starting to look like teenagers and not little girls. Though, the true sign that they’re girls, I think, is the fact that they’ve had their “first day of school” outfits selected since late last week. I was asked several times Sunday and Monday as I was doing laundry to make sure to have these outfits ready. I don’t think I ever planned my school outfit that much…Well, maybe in my senior year of high school…

Patrick returns to school tomorrow (Wednesday). The freshman have been orientated today, so that all of the old hands (including my son, the sophomore) can go about their school day and hopefully not trample the newbies.

Patrick told me tonight, though, that he’s excited about going back to school. I think late last year and this summer he’s really discovered himself and relationships with friends. And really, I think the kid really likes learning. He’ll have his school day and then head to the library for the afternoon and Jenni and I will pick him up there. He’ll be back to a routine he developed every day last spring and I think he’ll be thrilled for it.

So all will be back to normal tomorrow. Jenni’s keeping to her summer schedule because her class this fall is online, so she’ll be at work, I’ll be at work, and all of the kids will be back in school. All will be normal and great and…Wait…That means all five of us getting ready in the morning again so we can all leave within about 30 minutes of each other.

Forgot that part.

See you tomorrow.