Here We Go

No, you won’t be hearing from me tomorrow. Even though I’ll be leaving work early, things are going to be busy, busy, busy. Pick up Patrick from school. Drop him back off at school in time to join the pep band for the homecoming game. Run home, pick up Jenni and the girls. Take the […]

The Big Day

So you saw the picture of Patrick with his Star Scout badge yesterday. He picked up another 5 badges yesterday, including two that he needs for Eagle Scout. It was cute to watch him yesterday. As his parent, I know him well enough to know he was anxious about the whole thing: excited, nervous, and […]


It’s funny sometimes the things that get picked up in some of my blog posts. Last night, I briefly mentioned that tomorrow night we’re going to Patrick’s Court of Honor for Boy Scouts. My grandfather picked up on that and called tonight for more detail. So grandpa, I’ll have photos for you in the next […]

Keep on Rolling

It’s been a busy weekend, and we’ll just head into a busy week. There was something going on almost every night last week–granted, not for me, but for Jenni and the kids. But the trickle down is that the schedule gets knocked off and so everyone gets out of their normal rhythm. Jenni had something […]


No kids, I am not watching tonight’s edition of the GOP presidential debate. Frankly I think I’d prefer to put my knuckles to an orbital sander. I am, however, catching some of the tweets about the debate…Both serious and hilarious. And I’m a bit scared to find myself coming to the conclusion that the voice […]

Simple Joy

I might be an uncool parent now in the eyes of my teenage son, but there is one thing I can do pretty easily and pretty well: make him laugh. I follow in a long line of stupid joke tellers: my grandfather on my mom’s side, my grandfather on my dad’s side, and my dad. […]

Train of Thought

Is this a sign that I’m getting old, or just that I’ve got too much crap in my head? Earlier today, I had a great idea for the blog entry. I even wrote the idea down on a Post-It note at work. I left it there. I’ve forgotten what that great idea was. And in […]


First the brief recap of the weekend, then perhaps you’ll appreciate the exhaustion from which this probably shortish post comes. So, when last I posted (at least the one announcing the hiatus), we were madly cleaning and organizing around the house for this weekend, which was to feature not one, but two parties. The advantages […]

Quick hit

Okay, I lied, but for good reason. Needed to post this, as Jenni has some international fame and recognition for using a piece of software to help keep her (and us) more organized. She’s featured on a blog for a software called Evernote. You can read about how she uses it. Enjoy!