Postponed until no longer green

A story from the trenches. The phone rang and after I answered, the tier 1 tech explained the situation: the caller needed her files decrypted because either the encryption system or the certificate had gone bad. I told him I’d take the call. She was then transferred over. I started the process while making some […]


Okay. I know that last night’s entry was more like five entries–it was a little overwhelming, both to write and to read. So I’ll go lighter on tonight’s entry. I’m trying to clean up my den. For a while, it was a place to drop things because it was out of the way and kind […]


Last week, the Minneapolis Fire Department laid off 10 firefighters.  It was the result of the city accepting the final budgeted amount from the state for Local Government Aid (LGA), which resulted in $23 million less in income for the city’s general fund. That loss of $23 million has translated to a $1.45 million cut […]


I have far, far too many projects in my life. Whether work or personal, my life is just crowded with them. But it is what it is and it is part of who I am. I’ve got projects to clean, tidy, neaten, cook, plant, grow, trim, simplify, exercise, relax more, and many more. You can […]

The Catch-22

I’m kind of caught between a rock and a hard place at work. You see, I’ve been trying to design a plan for almost a year now to put my skills working with and managing the printers to a more global scale in the company–trying to create a position for myself that would, in effect, […]

The Occasional Movie Review

Here’s one that’ll curl your whiskers. Last night’s movie was Kenny. Now, to be fair, Netflix only said I’d give it a 3.2, which wasn’t far off, because I gave it a 3 star rating simply because I couldn’t find a reason to not like it. But all the way through, I kept asking myself […]


I’m sitting in the living room writing this entry. Strewn into three rough piles across the living room are the school supplies we got today for the kids. On the one hand, it’s amazing and probably a sign of how much better organized we are that we’re done doing school supply shopping at the beginning […]


It’s an age that’s easy to forget. I’m no longer 40, not yet 45, and nothing in between is a milestone for any reason. Being 42 is not like being 40, where you’re just barely into your forties, but it’s still a long way from the end of them. So it is what it is. […]

Charts and dreams and other things…

It astounds me how much corporate America lives on its org charts. Almost to the point where nothing can be done until the org chart determines who will do what and which group has ultimate responsibility. It’s like a ouija board for business–a spirit guide for the spiritless. The anxious anticipation of who-reports-to-who has begun […]

Such a day

It’s Jenni’s birthday today (Tuesday), but for a variety of reasons, we’ll hold much of the celebration off until the weekend. Not to say it isn’t important. I wish her a fabulous unnamed birthday, but I’ll do more celebrating with her later. Happy Birthday, Jenni! I LOVE YOU! Of course, it didn’t help that the […]