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The Week Ahead

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It’s the end of the summer, or damned near, anyway.

The kids have their last Monday with my mom tomorrow. This is the weekly summer ritual: go to grandma and grandpa’s house for the day every Monday in the summer to swim, do crafts, walk around downtown, or just hang out. The kids love it, and hopefully mom knows it too. But I think she enjoys it a lot, too–she’s a wonderful grandmother, and I’m very lucky to have her for my kids.

Thursday is a watershed day around here: Patrick turns 15 on Thursday. It doesn’t seem possible that I’d have a 15 year old son, but yes, starting Thursday, that will be the case. I know: it’s great that he’s growing up and is in high school and is really turning into a great young man. But 15? Already? I’m starting to understand the relationship drawn between parents and the age of their kids…If my son is 15, then I must be old.

Also on Thursday, we’ll see Hannah and Zoe’s new school–for Jenni and Patrick and I for the first time. I’ve mentioned before how we’re moving them out to FAIR Crystal this year, and yes, we’ve never set foot in the place. But the program is largely the same or better out there than at FAIR Downtown, and the girls are very excited to be there with friends they’ve had since kindergarten. I’m anxious to see the place because in everything I’ve seen, it looks like a great school for the two of them.

On Friday, we’ll head to the State Fair for our annual trip for the usual traditions: pronto pups, pork chops on a stick, malts, fries, deep fried cheese curds, a trip down the giant slide, a ride on the Skyride, some time on the midway for the kids, some time in the arts building, and a sit down meal probably at the Epiphany Diner this year–it’s last year, according to the paper.

In the meantime, I’m taking the week off–time to work around the house, getting some things organized and done, and some more stuff out of storage. Maybe I can work off some of Friday’s calories before I get there…

So off to the week.

See you tomorrow.