Before and After

A watershed day here in Lathropworld.

It was orientation day at school for Patrick, so he got his schedule and got his school pictures taken. Some of you will be getting your copies later this fall when we got them, but we got a sneak peek at what they’ll look like because he got his school ID for the year right after the picture was taken. So the upside is that he’s set for his sophomore year of high school. The downside is that he’s set for his sophomore year of high school.

He’s got some good classes coming up: Pre-AP advanced algebra, drawing and painting, t-shirt printing, world history, biology and another year of band. I remember when I took advanced algebra, grandpa gave me one of his old sliderules. He’d shown me how to use it, but I never really figured it out. But, you have to admit that they look cool.

Later on, we picked up the kids glasses. They’re pretty happy with them. Jenni took some before and after photos:

And yes, Patrick’s glasses are almost exactly the same as before.

See you tomorrow.



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  1. Peggy Lathrop Avatar
    Peggy Lathrop

    looking good!

    I wonder if I could remember how to us a slide rule?