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It’s late Sunday night at the close of a very good weekend.

We’ve all loaded up on homemade pizza (one of those dinners that I really do enjoy making, even though it’s a long, hot process). Laundry is nearly finished. I’ve just finished watching the first season of Mad Men, and in a few minutes, after writing this entry, I’ll start up the dishwasher and head off to bed.

I went to the Twins game–against the Yankees–Friday night with my brother-in-law, John. It was a gorgeous night for baseball, mostly cloudy and cool, and the rain even held off until well after the game as we were walking back to the car and then during the drive home. The Twins, as they tend to do against the Yankees, lost, meaning that in the four games I’ve been to this year, they’d failed to score more than one run in each game, and lost three of the four. But it’s still baseball, outdoors, in a gorgeous ballpark, with people I like spending time with. Good times.

Saturday, we ran some errands, one of which was to further the inventory for the bar. Because every bar needs a bottle of Jack Daniels, we now have one of the iconic square bottles, albeit a small bottle, because I didn’t see the need to spend 26 bucks on whiskey when I’m not horribly fond of it anyway, but it’s needed in a couple of drinks I want to try.

We bought Patrick an early birthday present yesterday, too: a remote controlled helicopter. He’s spent much of the day today either charging it or flying it (it takes 20-30 minutes to charge, and will fly for 5-6 minutes on the charge), and by his last flight tonight, he’s getting the control down pretty well. Or at least it isn’t careening wildly around the living room. So the good news is that he loves it. And so far there’s been no bad news with it except for the gear problem that developed after a crash. But a return visit to the kiosk at the mall where we bought it fixed that pretty quickly.

Like I said, today, amid the laundry and pizza making process, I’ve finally finished watching the 13-episode first season of Mad Men. The dash through the last two-and-a-half episodes of the season went fairly quickly, even though every single character in the show now is depressed for one reason or another. And that’s the cliffhanger. Not even the birth of a baby helped improve the mood.

I’ve been trying to decide if the show is a commentary of advertising, the people who make advertising, early 1960s American culture, or just a thinly disguised soap opera with an out-of-the-ordinary setting. Maybe that will become clearer in the next season, though I’m realizing I probably need to step things up to get through the next three seasons before the show comes back to TV for it’s next season sometime early next year…Oh, the pressure…

I have one last week coming up before vacation–I’m going to be taking the last week of August off just to be able to hang with the kids for a bit, relax a lot, go to the State Fair on Friday the 2nd, and burn up some of the vacation I can’t carry over into next year. I just decided, for whatever reason, that there was no better time than now to take some of that time off. Otherwise, it’ll just be a day here and there until I take a full two weeks off around Christmas.

But it’s eleven o’clock now, time for bed and time to move one last load around in the laundry. The rest of the week awaits. The kids have a surprise coming tomorrow with my mom, but you’ll have to learn about that later. They don’t read this, so they don’t even know they’ve got one coming.

See you tomorrow.