Here I go, limping into Friday–figuratively and not literally–after a week that felt much longer than it was and one that for some reason feels as though I got very little done that I wanted to get done. Somehow, though, while I promised myself some nice, small drink on a couple of nights, I never had one. I’ll have to haunt the bar sometime this weekend.

I IM’d Jenni at 2:30 and told her that I’d run out of the desire to work for the day…And there was still two-and-a-half hours to go. It was one of those work days today where I really just did the same thing over and over all day, and that can take it out of you, even if the work is fairly easy stuff. Sure, I had other things that I could have done, but the three of us in our group are almost working in self-defense mode: where we have to ignore our old tickets because we can just barely keep up with the new ones and if we get those knocked out, nothing else gets on the old ticket report. I know it screws the people who have the old tickets, but it’s what we have to do because we don’t have the time to backtrack.

Friday is payday, and bill paying day, and baseball night (with my brother-in-law John–Thanks for the game, dude!). Upsides all around, I think. Or is it sad that now that we’re getting our financial house in order I take pride in paying bills?

We’re starting to plan for Patrick’s birthday party. The kid turns 15 this year. Honestly, he’s grown up a lot this past year, both physically and developmentally and in so many other ways. It’s been almost as much fun to watch as when he was little and learning things like crawling or walking. He’s found the freedom of heading out into the world on his own: biking and busing have opened things up for him, so much so that on Thursdays, he’s been volunteering at the library 5 minutes from home, and then busing and biking to the library near his school to continue to see friends in an Anime Club that is hosted there.

But there is a certain challenge to the birthday party for a teenager: I can tell that he’s got that inner conflict going on: he wants the celebration and the toys and stuff like that, but at the same time, he wants what all teenage boys in particular want: something low key, because being boisterous in a party is contrary to everything they’re supposed to represent. So there’s some time before I have to lock in options. I’ll let him ponder his options and come up with the final decision later. Let him drive the party as much as possible.

So, I won’t be blogging tomorrow night, but should be back for one of the days of the weekend, at least. Time to enjoy some forced relaxation this weekend. Or at least do what I want to do.

See you later.