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Okay. I know that last night’s entry was more like five entries–it was a little overwhelming, both to write and to read. So I’ll go lighter on tonight’s entry.

I’m trying to clean up my den. For a while, it was a place to drop things because it was out of the way and kind of hidden from view from the rest of the house. But I need to get it sorted out and organized and more comfortable as a den–a place to write, make and listen to music, perhaps walk on the treadmill, or to relax and just enjoy some time on my own. As part of this process, I’m discovering how much computer gear I had lying around–some working, some not. So that will birth another project: to get rid of it.

A nice thing today at work…Actually, a couple of nice things. First, amid the layoffs and reorganization and the stress that’s been bringing on, I had a call from someone I’d worked with on the printer project who’s job was outsourced back in May. She decided at the time to not take the position with the outsourcing company and instead cashed in her 30 years with the company and took the voluntary separation option. I’ve missed working with her and actually thought about her just a few days ago, and today she called me to ask if she could list me as a reference. She’s decided that while she cashed out with roughly a year’s worth of pay, her vacation and time off for the summer should come to a close and she’s starting to look for work. I was flattered to be asked. But it was very nice to catch up with her for a few minutes.

Then, later in the day, I got some formal recognition from my supervisor for almost fifteen months of work on preparing our printers for the Windows 7 rollout. And with that formal recognition came some minor financial benefit–nothing that will really make a difference, but nice nonetheless.

So there you go. A pretty light day…Unless you count Michele Bachmann wishing Elvis a happy birthday today, when it was the anniversary of his death instead.

See you tomorrow.