Charts and dreams and other things…

It astounds me how much corporate America lives on its org charts. Almost to the point where nothing can be done until the org chart determines who will do what and which group has ultimate responsibility. It’s like a ouija board for business–a spirit guide for the spiritless.

The anxious anticipation of who-reports-to-who has begun at work with the announcement of the reorganization. And the “preliminary” chart came out this afternoon (on it’s own website, I might add) containing 10 pages the hierarchy of the organization . Everyone studied the lists as if they were deep, dark, long forgotten religious texts. Chatter was had over some of the arrangements: “Can you believe that so-and-so gets to report so you-kn0w-who?”

It was at this point that I realized that high school needs an org chart. Shuffle things up a couple of times per year, but let the underclassmen report up through some junior who no one likes, and suddenly you’d see a whole culture shift: everyone would know whose ass they needed to kiss. Make the football team report through a cross country runner and the entire paradigm of high school would be blown to hell. Announce that the senior class reports through one of the biology classes lab rats and you’d need to find riot gear. Make the speech team report up through the Spanish club, and the drama club report through the hockey team, and the chess club report through the cheerleaders. Chaos would reign. And kids might actually learn something in high school again.

I know: it’s a big deal but it isn’t, all at the same time. I’ve got a new manager now, and he, undoubtedly, will run the place differently than the last one. But until he asks for input, I have no say in the matter. I can scratch my head in wonderment at the decision to replace one with the other, but ultimately, it probably means very little to my day-to-day job: I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until someone says stop.

I’m turning 42 tomorrow, and more and more, I find myself saying I don’t really care, and I actually mean it–not just saying it and not believing it in the deep core of my soul. I do care that we have a new manager. But I don’t care to the point that some people are anxiously waiting for the changes to come and trying to decide if they need to position themselves to leave now or now. I’ve worked there when we didn’t have a manager. And I’ve worked there under a manager. And neither one substantially altered my job performance.

But maybe I’ll color hand color the org chart once the final version is released sometime tomorrow. You know, just to make it fun!

See you tomorrow.