(Sorry…Thought I posted this. Found I didn’t…)

It was a dark and surly Monday, seeming as though the sun woke up early, took a look out from under the covers, said “to hell with it,” and went back to bed, letting the clouds do their thing.

Or perhaps mother nature decided that in lieu of happy sunshine to celebrate a budget agreement in congress, she instead would just continue the doom-and-gloom theme put forth by the politics of the preceding weeks.

This morning, from the time I woke up through my arrival at work, it was varying shades of dark gray outside. That continued for a while, but gave way around lunchtime to darker gray, which then retired right after lunch in favor of colors ranging from black to complete absence of light.

Having moved cubes recently at work and finding myself now three spots away from a window, instead of next to the window as had been the standard previously, I occasionally checked out the darkness, glancing to see what was visible outside and what wasn’t, and after the world melted away into dark, it took hours to return to our windows.

And when it did, it was wet.

That seems to be the mantra of the last month or so: hot and very wet. But the gray and wet was long done by the time I left work, just the humid after-effects left behind for me to enjoy and sweat in while I made my way across the parking lot to the car.

I’m really hating the hot weather. If I think about stepping outside, I sweat. I’m changing shirts more than a journeyman pitcher. And yes, I’m anxious for fall and even, dare I say it, winter.

Alas, that’s months off.

See you tomorrow.