My son, my oldest child, my first born, turns 15 tomorrow. It hardly seems possible, that it was 15 years ago tomorrow that I found myself driving my wife down a relatively deserted U.S. highway through the middle of North Dakota to get from our home to the hospital which was about 80 miles away. […]

Our Daily Bread

Trying to be healthier around here. To that end, and since I have some extra time this week, trying a few things. But there is one truth in this household: that bread, particularly good bread, is always a good thing. It’s kind of intriguing to me that my kids are such bread conisseurs. Sunday night, […]

The Week Ahead

It’s the end of the summer, or damned near, anyway. The kids have their last Monday with my mom tomorrow. This is the weekly summer ritual: go to grandma and grandpa’s house for the day every Monday in the summer to swim, do crafts, walk around downtown, or just hang out. The kids love it, […]


Jenni and I have decided, for a variety of reasons, to go for a while eliminating dairy and meat and such for a week or two. Just to see how we feel–if it makes us feel “better” or healthier at the end of that time. It’ll be a bit of a challenge, trying to cut […]

Ending and Beginning

I can’t remember being so excited to be on vacation. Today was the last day at work for me for over a week. I will return the Tuesday after Labor Day, just as the household returns to their various schools. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to get done before my vacation, and […]

Fire Sale

Summer is grinding to an end. At least the summer that is represented by a break in school, the hot, lazy days of baseball and TV reruns and the like. The State Fair is right around the corner, my kids are almost completely ready for school to start, and the Twins find themselves in a […]

Glasses and gift cards

Last week, the kids had their eye exams. The girls eyesight got bad pretty quickly over the course of the year, and Patrick’s also got worse, but not as bad. So it was time for new glasses, and when you’ve got three kids, that can be an expensive proposition. Last year, we ordered from an […]


It’s late Sunday night at the close of a very good weekend. We’ve all loaded up on homemade pizza (one of those dinners that I really do enjoy making, even though it’s a long, hot process). Laundry is nearly finished. I’ve just finished watching the first season of Mad Men, and in a few minutes, […]


Here I go, limping into Friday–figuratively and not literally–after a week that felt much longer than it was and one that for some reason feels as though I got very little done that I wanted to get done. Somehow, though, while I promised myself some nice, small drink on a couple of nights, I never […]