What a day…

Holy sweet Lady Marmalade, Batman… The weathermen, such as they are, said that today isn’t the hottest of this insanely, inhumanly hot stretch. In fact, I’d heard one of the blowcombs say that today would feel downright pleasant in comparison to tomorrow, when the heat index is apparently going to hit 110 degrees. I’m mere […]

Awright, who blinked?

The state government shutdown may well be over, thanks to the governor caving in to the GOP in what may be either the single most selfless thing he’s ever done, or the most shrewd political move in the history of the state. There’s a lot riding on this for both sides: whoever is proven to […]

The missing

The unexpected silence you have heard in the background of all of this week’s blog entries is brought to you largely by the fact that Patrick is away at scout camp. He left early Sunday morning and will be back this weekend. He’s back at Many Point Scout Camp, located in the scenic northwestern corner […]

Just stay down

If the state government stayed shut down for an entire year, would anyone really notice? That’s only partially a rhetorical question, because honestly, I don’t know that either side actually wants to negotiate. But more troublesome is the claim by the Republicans that “the people” sent them to the legislature to not raise taxes and […]

…And all is right with the world.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the All-Star Game. And if you need to ask which sport, I may just have to forget that I know you. I don’t know what it is. It’s a meaningless game (or at least it should be–thanks for screwing that up, Bud Selig), and this year the Twins only have one […]

The spoils

The bonus for the year finally came through on Friday–smaller than it has been in past years, smaller by about half, really, even compared to last year, which had been the smallest yet. But it’s a bonus none-the-less. It’s been rare for me to use my bonus in the past for anything other than necessities: […]

It can’t come soon enough

It’s Thursday night as I write this. Which means that tomorrow (or likely your today) is Friday. Which means that the week is finally, mercifully, at an end. I don’t know what’s been causing it: the shortened work week, the warmer weather, the crabby people at work, the government shutdown, lack of rain, last space […]


It is with some mixed emotions that we make a big family announcement. After six years at the same school, Hannah and Zoe are moving to the other school in their two school district, meaning that they won’t be downtown for school for a couple of years, at least–they’ll be at FAIR Crystal starting this […]