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Making the Bar

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Lathropworld has inherited a bar. It’s an actual real bar with counter, foot rail, padded front, shelves for booze and glasses on the wall behind the bar, and even a stool to sit at as you drink and ponder your worthless existence.

Needless to say, we are thrilled by this.

Well, wait: we are not drinkers by nature for a variety of reasons. But having a stocked bar and the ability to freely make and consume adult beverages offers some appeal in that it greatly matches the new theme to the family room in the basement, now gradually moving to the theatre/rumpus/game room. The air hockey table is down there, soon to be joined by the pool table, and with some reconfiguration, there will still be room for the couches and the screen for the projector. Having a bar there will just enhance the overall ethos of the space.

For now, however, the bar is in it’s infancy, at least in how it’s stocked. We have about a dozen cocktail glasses down there right now–more to come as I get the boxes of glassware out of storage. And we do have a few bottles lining the shelf: light rum, gin, vodka, a small bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, Rose’s lime juice, some small bottles of tonic water, and a strawberry daquiri mix. The collection is a bit sparse so far and I know we need to gradually build it up.

I’ve got plans to put a blender down there, once it comes home from storage, but that then calls on the need for ice, which in a perfect world would be produced and/or available there with a mini fridge/freezer. For now, however, ice will come from the fridge upstairs via an ice bucket Jenni got for free when she got the preview screener for one of the worst TV shows I’ve ever seen.

I bought a cocktail recipe book for $2 last week at the local Half Price Books, and that’s on the bar. And as I was looking through it, I saw that the first section talks about how to properly stock a bar…So now I need a shaker, jiggers, bar spoon, strainer…Not to mention the litany of fruit and other garnishes the book claims you need…Oh wait, that’s for when I’m having a party. That’s why they talk about buying case quantities of booze.

But here’s the question: what do I really need now that I’m starting out? I think the shaker and other hardware is pretty high on the list, but it seems I need a few more bottles. But bottles of what??? Pretty bottles, or utilitarian bottles filled with something delicious and useful?

Decisions, decisions.

See you tomorrow.