At the movies

Well, no. I don’t get out that much. But, in a 48 hour span, I’ve watched three movies, so that must count for something.

Family movie night on Friday featured Nicholas Cage in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which, I have to admit, I thought would be just some feeble excuse Disney had to make a movie with Nicholas Cage in a story built around one of the short segments in Fantasia. I was about three-quarters right.

It wasn’t bad. It was witty, had Alfred Molina as the bad guy, and didn’t get bogged down in trying to be either too cute or too goofy. The downside was that it starred Nicholas Cage, who is the movie equivalent of fingernails on the blackboard. So go ahead and see it if you’re looking for a fun way to spend about an hour-and-a-half.

Then tonight, right before dinner, I launched into Food, Inc. which probably was a mistake, but fortunately it didn’t put me off of dinner. If you ever want to spend an entire movie questioning whether you should continue your grocery shopping habits, this is the way to do it. If I were either independently wealthy or didn’t have four other mouths to feed, (and didn’t have some picky eaters, I probably would consider buying all of my food from small independent organic farmers. But until either of those days comes, I’ll try to change what I can.

And finally, the after-dinner feature: 7 Dwarves (7 Zwerge). It’s a German film that is nearly the slapstick equivalent of Airplane or something along that line. It’s a deconstruction of the Snow White story with a group of misfit outcasts acting the role of dwarves (they aren’t), a queen who is blonde, adores brunette jokes, and thinks she’s the most attractive in the land (she isn’t), and Snow White, who insists that her prince will look just like the male doll she play with every night before bedtime.

Strangely, this is only available via Netflix streaming (not DVD yet, apparently), so for those who don’t stream, you’re missing something. But the movie doesn’t miss any opportunities to make a joke, and, to top it off, stars the German ’80s punk rock icon, Nina Hagen as the queen and her daughter as Snow White. Very funny movie.

I’m trying to whittle down my movie queues…Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.