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What a day…

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Holy sweet Lady Marmalade, Batman…

The weathermen, such as they are, said that today isn’t the hottest of this insanely, inhumanly hot stretch. In fact, I’d heard one of the blowcombs say that today would feel downright pleasant in comparison to tomorrow, when the heat index is apparently going to hit 110 degrees. I’m mere steps away from pulling a cartoon trick and writing the words “sub-arctic” on a slot on the air conditioner knob and turning it all the way to eleven…

Yet, I haven’t sweat this much in 14 hours since that time that I sweat a lot. No, no…That other time. No, the other one. Yeah, that time.

So let’s recap. Yesterday and this morning, our neighborhood and several others in the immediate area got nailed by a heavy thunderstorm which did its best to apparently deposit 3-5 inches of rain. The upshot of this is that some of that 3-5 inches ended up in my basement…And the basements of a few other people in the area, as by the time I got to Home Depot, there had already been a pretty steady run on their wet/dry vacuums. So I spent a couple of hours this morning trying to wring the water out of a basement carpet.

Then I changed my shirt and cooled off.

Then I headed to the storage unit to get our china cabinet: I know, it’s an optional thing, but honestly, it was the only “to-do” on my list for the day, and in the process of trying to get our things out of the storage unit and set up at home, this was one of the big keystones to get done. The problem, of course, is that it was in the back of the storage unit, so I dug things out and made my way to the back…And it wasn’t there. Ah, turn left at the desk, just past the big shelves, and there was the top. a few more feet, and there was the bottom. Reverse course, return the moved items back in, while still leaving an easily accessible path, and finally, I had it out. I wrestled it onto the cart to wheel it to the elevator and then to the car, and I quickly discovered something that hadn’t made itself apparent when I first grabbed the cart: one of the wheels periodically siezes up. I’ve got a 50+ pound china cabinet on a cart with a bum wheel…Nice. I limped it onto the elevator and to the car and manhandled the pieces into the car and finally started it up, drank more water, turned the AC to full, and headed home…

…Only to find a couple of times on the way the the gauges would periodically shut off. I turned off the radio, and they came back on. Then they went out again, and I shut off the AC and they came back…Nice: battery problems.

I got home, grabbed some water and changed my shirt. (This is the third shirt of the day, for those keeping score at home).

I then decided that I should get a battery for the car before this one gives out altogether. So I headed out to get some cash and then head to the auto parts store. After the cash, the car would not start again. I begged for a jump from someone there, and got going, but then stopped completely just one block from my destination. So I walked. In the heat and humidity.

I got the battery, returned to the car, and set myself about replacing the old crappy one, only to discover that my toolkit didn’t have a crescent wrench as I thought it did…So back to the store. Bought a set, which, of course, failed to offer the size I needed. So I called home, practically crying–I was tired, hot, sweating, upset, irritated, demoralized, and pissed–and asked Patrick to bring one from home on his bike. And yes, Patrick had arrived home just a couple of hours earlier.

He wheeled up, gave me the wrench, and I got the battery replaced. We threw his bike in the back and drove home with all the AC fans on full blast. I got home, ordered pizzas for the crew, took a cold shower and changed my shirt again. (Fourth…)

Dinner, a little cooling off, and then my performance in the local summer stock play: Hannah and Zoe and a couple of neighbor kids put on a play, and enlisted me as the narrator/king. Two quick shows later, and after some socializing after the performances, and I’m back inside, cooling off.

But no, I didn’t change my shirt this time. I’m running out.

I have designs on a plan whereby I won’t leave the house tomorrow, but I don’t think that’s likely…I guess as much as I want to, I can’t avoid my demons entirely.

See you tomorrow.