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The unexpected silence you have heard in the background of all of this week’s blog entries is brought to you largely by the fact that Patrick is away at scout camp. He left early Sunday morning and will be back this weekend.

He’s back at Many Point Scout Camp, located in the scenic northwestern corner of the state, is almost right in between Detroit Lakes and Itasca State Park. It’s a three hour drive up there, so he’s firmly not in the city.

We’ve had some Facebook updates from the troop leader up there, and all sounds fine, the scouts are busy working on badges and what-have-you. Before Patrick left, we’d heard that the mosquitoes and flies up there are very bad, but there had been very few ticks during the previous week, so that put Patrick at ease a little bit.

I’ve check in on the weather every day, and with the exception of Sunday, it looks like it’s been gorgeous: sunny, highs in the mid-70s, lows in the upper 50s and low 60s. Tomorrow (Thursday) looks rainy and cool, and Friday and Saturday are promising to be in the mid 80s. So all looks pretty good on that front. After a couple of very strong thunderstorms last year, I don’t think Patrick will mind a rainy and cool day.

It’s been funny, though, because he is a senior patrol leader in his troop, and has taken his leadership very seriously when it comes to this camping trip. This past Sunday was the wedding of someone he’s known and looked up to for a very long time from church, and we gave Patrick the option of going to the wedding and me driving him up to camp on Monday, but he refused, insisting that he’s SPL and he needed to be there the whole week. I suppose it isn’t funny, per se, it’s just fun and pride-inspiring to see him feeling so duty bound to a leadership role. As I’ve watched him grow up, it’s becoming more and more fun to see what he’s becoming. But that’s what a big part of parenting is, isn’t it?

What is funny is how much you can see your parenting in action when your child isn’t with you.

I can’t wait to see him when he gets back and hear all about the trip.

See you tomorrow.