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  1. Dad says:

    The impasse in the state budget now looks like it is on the verge of breaking as of this writing (Thurs. 7/14). Gov. Dayton appears to be caving in, saying that his recent trip into the hustings made it evident to him that he should end the stalemate because to prolong it would only cause additional hardship on the state’s residents. It is too bad that he’s throwing in the towel, bowing to a bunch of political hacks who haven’t the faintest idea what being a legislator means. They only have their own selfish interests in mind and not that of the wider electorate that they purport to represent. I hope that Dayton and the Democrats make a good deal of political hay out of this. They can claim that they had the good sense to back down, for the good of all Minnesotans and the welfare of the state, while the Republican reactionaries preferred not to negotiate. They only end up looking, in the eyes of many voters (and I hope, the majority) like a bunch of silly asses.

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