It is with some mixed emotions that we make a big family announcement.

After six years at the same school, Hannah and Zoe are moving to the other school in their two school district, meaning that they won’t be downtown for school for a couple of years, at least–they’ll be at FAIR Crystal starting this fall.

There are a lot of upsides: a better program for the girls, more of their friends from years past will be there, and really, they’re very excited about going there.

There are some downsides: we’ll miss their music teacher–one of those people who really loves what she does and does a great job doing it. Good or bad, we really will miss the school that we’ve had at least one kid at for over 10 years. And, we lose the unique opportunity the girls had to get picked up by their grandparents and walked home through the skyways.

Ah, but change comes to everyone, right?

We’d come to this party late: the girls learned toward the end of the school year that most of their friends were going to be going to FAIR Crystal. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about that option or that any of their friends would jump over there. so we checked on the possibility of moving them, too. At the time, I was told there was one space left in sixth grade.

Today, amidst a very busy day, I had a message from the school saying that there were now two spaces available. Passed the message to Jenni who gave the news to the girls, and the response came back pretty quickly: they were thrilled. It’s what they really wanted.

It’s a little strange to think about: that they’re going to a different school now. It’s just another one of those landmarks that I don’t think I was quite ready for…

See you tomorrow.