Splashing down, blowing up

What a nice weekend.

Not to say taking time and writing to tell you about all that happens in my life or crosses what’s left of my brain isn’t great and all, but it was nice to not write. It was nice to just let myself drift a bit through the weekend. Oh sure, there were touchpoints, a couple of scheduled items that needed to be hit, but otherwise it was just nice to let things happen. And then nice to not have to take an hour to sit down here and disgorge it back to you.

So instead, I get to spit it all out now. Fortunately, I’ll do it in the form of a photoblog entry.

Saturday, we prepped for Patrick’s upcoming Boy Scout camping trip to middle-of-nowhere, Minnesota, otherwise known as Many Point. He leaves this coming Sunday, but most of his gear needed to hit the trailer this past Sunday because the trailer was leaving town for the scout camp. So we needed to get the last of the stuff he needed–mostly clothes: t-shirts and shorts, but also bug spray. He packed it all up and headed out to meet the trailer at church at 8 Sunday morning.

I grilled Saturday night, inspired by Hannah, who is fun, though a little dangerous to bring to the grocery store. I grilled steaks for Jenni and I, chicken breasts for the kids, did baked potatoes on the grill (the girls love their baked potatoes), and got the first good sweet corn I’ve found at the store. It’s not great yet, but it still isn’t from Minnesota. Judging from our Father’s Day trip south, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Minnesota sweet corn until sometime into August.

Sunday was the usual ritual: church, laundry, rinse, repeat. Got motivated to do some cleaning, so got the TV room upstairs cleared out so the girls can use it to stage some of the stuff they need to clear out to get their rooms cleaned. The goal is three-fold: get the house clean and our stuff settled, get out of the storage unit (which means bringing more stuff home), and getting together some product to sell at a late summer garage sale. We’ve promised the kids that they get to keep the proceeds from their stuff, so hopefully that will be a motivating factor.

Monday was a lazy morning and early afternoon, then off to mom and dad’s for a great day of pool time and fireworks watching from the balcony. Below is your photographic evidence:

Yes, yours truly being the focus of attack by the family. I think I’m enjoying it, though. I promise that will be the last time I appear shirtless on this site. Never again.

After the swimming, they blew up downtown:

Bonus points for getting the distant show right under the blue firework…I rock!

Oh, and proof that it was indeed downtown:

Because, frankly, nothing beats watching fireworks from 9 floors up in the downtown of a major metropolitan area.

Finally, an amazing picture of Hannah, if for no other reason than her eyes just jump out at you:

There you go. Those and a few other pictures from the Fourth out at the Flickr site. Enjoy!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Peggy Lathrop says:

    Great!! Loved the photos….and better yet the people!

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