The Infrequent Movie and TV Review

Quick update on Mad Men, five episodes in: It’s catchy, I’ll admit to that. Though the lead character is one of those tragic anti-heros who is hiding so much that the viewers know they won’t really get to know him for several seasons. For those that want to watch the series and haven’t invested themselves […]

The End of the World

So, depending on who you ask or believe or read, our country is about to either dive into complete and utter financial chaos, or merrily go on its way with little change as a result of the partisan gridlock going on in Washington, D.C. The news media really is falling all over itself trying to […]


It’s finally the end of the week. Which means that as of 5 p.m. Friday, I’ll work really hard to forget about work. It’s been a tough stretch: this last round of layoffs seems to have been the tipping point where the whole help desk can’t still overcome the workload, so different ideas are being […]


I’ve been quietly and somewhat anxiously waiting for today for two months. “Why?” You may ask. The answer is simple and complicated all at the same time: Mad Men. It’s one of those TV shows that really sounded like I should be watching, but as usual, I came late to the party. I started trying […]

Making the Bar

Lathropworld has inherited a bar. It’s an actual real bar with counter, foot rail, padded front, shelves for booze and glasses on the wall behind the bar, and even a stool to sit at as you drink and ponder your worthless existence. Needless to say, we are thrilled by this. Well, wait: we are not […]

At the movies

Well, no. I don’t get out that much. But, in a 48 hour span, I’ve watched three movies, so that must count for something. Family movie night on Friday featured Nicholas Cage in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which, I have to admit, I thought would be just some feeble excuse Disney had to make a movie […]

The Review

So it’s been an ugly week. Ugly because the car broke down and needed $900 to fix it. Ugly because work has just blown up into proportions that my three-person team can’t handle. Ugly because the weather just won’t stop being hot. But on the upside today, I was informed that we’ve “made” $26 at […]

The Rules…Again.

I’ve tried in the past, as a public service to those of you who aren’t in the technology support services field, to help you understand the things you should and shouldn’t do when seeking computer assistance. Today, I give you the addendum to the previous instructional posts. First: Please, oh please, oh please, for the […]

Hot enough?

Woke up this morning and when I stepped outside, found that the temperature was a relatively tepid 82 degrees…At six-freakin’-thirty in the morning. This is Minnesota, kids. Land of 80-below windchills, five-foot tall snow drifts, ice fishing, and indoor saunas. Not big outdoor saunas that all of us are sharing. It’s inhumane, really. There’s a […]

Feeling whole again: $900

After reading the last post, you’d probably think the weekend couldn’t possibly get any worse. But then you’d be wrong. Or at least I was wrong. Jenni and Patrick had a Sunday afternoon date to go see the latest Harry Potter extravaganza at the neighborhood movie house (how ’bout that for an old-fashioned and seemingly […]