It’s finally the end of the week. Which means that as of 5 p.m. Friday, I’ll work really hard to forget about work. It’s been a tough stretch: this last round of layoffs seems to have been the tipping point where the whole help desk can’t still overcome the workload, so different ideas are being … Read moreFriday!


I’ve been quietly and somewhat anxiously waiting for today for two months. “Why?” You may ask. The answer is simple and complicated all at the same time: Mad Men. It’s one of those TV shows that really sounded like I should be watching, but as usual, I came late to the party. I started trying … Read moreCarrots

Making the Bar

Lathropworld has inherited a bar. It’s an actual real bar with counter, foot rail, padded front, shelves for booze and glasses on the wall behind the bar, and even a stool to sit at as you drink and ponder your worthless existence. Needless to say, we are thrilled by this. Well, wait: we are not … Read moreMaking the Bar

At the movies

Well, no. I don’t get out that much. But, in a 48 hour span, I’ve watched three movies, so that must count for something. Family movie night on Friday featured Nicholas Cage in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which, I have to admit, I thought would be just some feeble excuse Disney had to make a movie … Read moreAt the movies

The Review

So it’s been an ugly week. Ugly because the car broke down and needed $900 to fix it. Ugly because work has just blown up into proportions that my three-person team can’t handle. Ugly because the weather just won’t stop being hot. But on the upside today, I was informed that we’ve “made” $26 at … Read moreThe Review

The Rules…Again.

I’ve tried in the past, as a public service to those of you who aren’t in the technology support services field, to help you understand the things you should and shouldn’t do when seeking computer assistance. Today, I give you the addendum to the previous instructional posts. First: Please, oh please, oh please, for the … Read moreThe Rules…Again.

Hot enough?

Woke up this morning and when I stepped outside, found that the temperature was a relatively tepid 82 degrees…At six-freakin’-thirty in the morning. This is Minnesota, kids. Land of 80-below windchills, five-foot tall snow drifts, ice fishing, and indoor saunas. Not big outdoor saunas that all of us are sharing. It’s inhumane, really. There’s a … Read moreHot enough?

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