The tower

Like I said, Patrick and I were at the Twins game Monday night. It was his first game of the season, so we were really looking forward to it. And after the cool and rainy night that John and I had, last night was an absolutely gorgeous night for baseball.

So for those who aren’t quite as nerdy as I when it comes to the art and architecture of ballparks, you may not have noticed that the Twins added a very visible element to Target Field over the off season. And Patrick was enamored with it, especially once he got close to it.

This new element is this tower:

(Displaying the attack of the 50-foot Japanese ballplayer.) Okay, I’m not sure it’s 50 feet tall. It could be. Who knows. I don’t want to look it up, so let’ s just stick with that figure.

Now, because the game absolutely sucked (if you’re a Twins fan, as we are), Patrick and I started wandering around in the 7th inning to take pictures and just see more of the stadium, since we haven’t walked through it all since the open house last March. We came to the base of the tower, and Patrick (being my son) found the “how it works” part of the tower the most fascinating, as shown here:

There, kids, is the matrix that makes up the 50-foot tower of Japanese infielder.

Kinda neat how it’s made, plus the fact that you can still see these little LEDs during the bright light of day.

And now, the final art shot:

We had fun, even if the game was pretty poopy. And I get to go again tomorrow (Wednesday) with my coworkers from my team. We’re calling it “team building.” We haven’t done anything like this as a group for a very long time, and it isn’t costing the department a dime…

These pictures and a few of the better ones from Father’s Day are over at my Flickr site. Enjoy!

See you tomorrow.



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