Fortunately, I wasn’t on a call when the tornado warning was called at work today. Though I did discover that I’ve got a speaker right over my cube. The pre-recorded voice telling me that there was a tornado warning issued for our area was just a little loud.

But the problem with working in IT is that everyone headed downstairs to the lower level hall with their laptops and iPads. Which would have been a great idea, except that I knew that they haven’t put in more than a couple wireless points down there.

No one in my group got connected. And I didn’t even bring my laptop.

It’s been raining on and off all day–light rain sometimes, sun sometimes, torrential downpours sometimes. Those downpours once made it impossible to see halfway across the small lake our building sits next to.

The girls, I’m told, got to spend some of that same time sitting in the girls bathroom at their Girl Scout day camp. They came out none the worse for wear, which is great, because at home, all three kids seem to tense up with stormy weather.

More of the same possible tomorrow, I’m told. Maybe I’ll spend another 25 minutes in awkward conversation in the basement of my building.

See you tomorrow.