On my toes

Something I’m gradually learning…No, wait…Something I’m gradually coming to grips with–I’ve learned this a long time ago–is that in this family, things move and shift pretty quickly. I can try to lean one way or the other and hope the sled goes that way, but really, my family has five drivers, and I’m pretty well outnumbered. As a result, I need to stay on my toes as far as planning and flexibility goes.

This is only partially successful, as I change directions about as quickly as a glacier.

So it is that we find out late yesterday that the girls could indeed go to the Girl Scout day camp, forcing changes to the previously agreed to plans that had them going to my mom’s place for the day. But instead, mom got part of the day off, the girls went to camp, and Patrick ended up taking the bus down and helping mom out with something anyway.

Good thing I could catch up with that.

I don’t know why I can’t keep up with change like I want to. Well okay, I can, I just choose not to. I like being able to look at the calendar for the day or next couple of days and say firmly and positively: “This is what is happening.” I can plan for what I need to do, meals I need to cook, rides I may need to provide, money that may need to be tapped, etcetera. Drop the time frame prior to the implementation of the plans, and suddenly I get owly because I don’t feel prepared. I know it isn’t all my job to make sure things are ready and in place. But dang it…It’s one of the things I do for the family that I take great pride in.

So when the world zigs, I attempt to zag, watch the steering lock up on me, and go careening into the hay bales on the curve. Get out, check for dents, and get back in there.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the philosophies of my life.

See you tomorrow.