Back from the brink

So…When last we met, I’d announced that I was taking the weekend off. Boy, did I overextend that plan. It ended up stretching through Tuesday night.

It was a busy weekend, with three graduations to go to on Saturday. Then a lunch with Jenni’s brother and his family on Sunday. Work Monday…And then…

All afternoon at work, I was just feeling off. That feeling you get when the virus first digs in. I made dinner, hung out for a little bit with the family, but then had to head to bed.

That was 8:30 Monday night. I woke up with my alarm around 5:30 the next morning after a horrible night of spiked fevers, a really uncomfortable stomach and aches. I e-mailed work and headed back to bed.

I pretty much vegetated through Tuesday. I did watch two movies, from completely opposite ends of the spectrum: The King’s Speech and Zombieland–one a very well acted drama based in truth, and the other a profane, simplistic spoof of the horror film genre. I’ll let you decide which was which.  I spent the rest of the day unsuccessfully keeping food down, and otherwise just being uncomfortable. I went to bed early again hoping I’d be good in the morning.

This morning, I got wiped out just showering and trying to get ready for a day, so I decided work was out–at least work at work. The magic, or detriment of technology is that it allows me to work from home, should I need or want. And I had a few things to do today, even if I wasn’t up to actually sitting in the cube farm doing the work. So I perched on the couch, worked on a whole slew of printer projects today and watched a third movie in two days: Avatar–visually stunning, but completely wasted on an overly heavy-handed and preachy script. It just confirms that movies these days can only fall into one of three categories: slow, thoughtful intelligent pieces or “chick flicks,” over-the-top comedies, or big-budget special effects blowouts. It makes me want to make a life’s goal to make a movie that’s a funny period character study in space. The lead character will be a 4,000 year old robot cat with mother issues.

So I’m feeling better tonight, though. I’ll still head to bed early-ish, give myself a little extra time in the morning to make sure I’m OK, and yeah, I’ll probably head in to work tomorrow. Back to the grind.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. “a funny period character study in space.”

    Um, hello. Firefly.

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