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Melting, melting

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One hundred three degrees.

By my count, that means that in the span of about four months, we’ve had a temperature swing of roughly 125 degrees. Who the hell else would live somewhere with this kind of weather? Minnesotans might be meek, but dammit, we’re pretty versatile.

Or stubborn. Oh, wait.

The last time it was this hot here was 23 years ago–back during the last hurrah of the Reagan administration, the stupid “where’s the beef” ads, and the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college.

I remember that heat, now that it’s been called to mind. I had just gotten the Festiva, and it didn’t have air conditioning. So I drove everywhere possible with all the windows as open as they could be. Work and home were treats in that I could drop myself in an air conditioned environment and not melt like some frozen dessert.

By the end of the week, the talking heads on the TV are promising temperatures in the 60s, which would be very welcome as our home air conditioning situation is not fully up to the challenge–oh sure, it’s taken the edge off, but it’s not quite enough to master a 100 degree broiler outside.

These are days, though, much like winter, when you drive with the windows closed and the fan blower on high, so much so that the interior noise drowns out the external noise of the road, or loud car stereos, or horns…Though you can tell the people without working air in their car: they’re unhappy, slouched down in their seat, one arm dangling hopelessly out of the window, and the bonus is that they’re typically traveling very fast on any road they find themselves on, just to either get to air conditioning quickly, or to improve the airflow into the car.

These days, I wouldn’t consider a car without air. But as far as I can tell, I don’t think anyone makes a minivan without it anymore. And most of the time, there are blowers for front and back, so in essence, I’ve got double the air conditioning…

Though that doesn’t make up for not having it in my early cars. Not really.

See you tomorrow.