I am not a drinker. Oh, I’ve kind of fantasized about it, thought about how cool it would be if I drank more and fit in better with whatever crowd I’m chasing at that moment. Or how totally sophisticated I’d be if I mixed a drink when I got home from work. But the fact […]

The tower

Like I said, Patrick and I were at the Twins game Monday night. It was his first game of the season, so we were really looking forward to it. And after the cool and rainy night that John and I had, last night was an absolutely gorgeous night for baseball. So for those who aren’t […]

Upside down

Today’s one of two Medtronic days at Valleyfair. And the Lathropworld clan is heading out to partake of the potentially stomach-churning fun. I may or may not end up upside down. We’ll see. Details later. See you tomorrow.


In two years of living out in North Dakota, I probably drove through Minot a hundred times. These days, I’m riveted to the pictures of the unbelievable flooding of places I’ve been. The Souris River in Minot is a kind of dividing line: to the north is the airport, Minot State University, the huge and […]


Fortunately, I wasn’t on a call when the tornado warning was called at work today. Though I did discover that I’ve got a speaker right over my cube. The pre-recorded voice telling me that there was a tornado warning issued for our area was just a little loud. But the problem with working in IT […]

On my toes

Something I’m gradually learning…No, wait…Something I’m gradually coming to grips with–I’ve learned this a long time ago–is that in this family, things move and shift pretty quickly. I can try to lean one way or the other and hope the sled goes that way, but really, my family has five drivers, and I’m pretty well […]

Little things

I think all of the dads in attendance today can agree that it was a fun Father’s Day. At least, I think my grandfather agrees: Yeah…Hat courtesy of Patrick. But that’s a genuine smile from the old man, and I haven’t seen one of those out of him in a while. That helps make it […]

Wisdom of the ages

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, and my crew and I will head off to a big family gathering to spend Father’s Day with my Grandfather, and, coincidentally, my own dad will be there, too. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll keep saying it, but growing up and growing older really does give you […]

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