Just some odds and ends to clean up as we head toward the weekend…

Thanks for the notes on the cat. Tonight, she’s feeling frisky and was eating (and actually stole a chicken nugget from the table in front of Zoe). So I have no idea what it was…Just some moment of weakness or sickness or…something. Someday, I know, it’ll be real, but this past weekend wasn’t it.

Patrick’s got the last concert of his freshman year tomorrow (Thursday) night. I say this because it means that I won’t be blogging afterward. But I also say it because we’re just two weeks away from the end of school for the year. Patrick will be heading into 10th grade, and the girls will be sixth graders…Wow.

Saturday night, we’ll be having a family gathering for the girls birthday. They finally set the menu…Sandwiches, cocktail weenies in BBQ sauce, and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. They sounded pretty firm and confident on this one. So all that’s left is cleaning and prep for the party.

There isn’t much else to report on for now: No word yet on Jenni’s interview; my nose is much better–sore only when I move it wrong, and breathing much better than I have in a very long time.

But we’re heading into a long weekend, and I’m anxious for it. Should be plenty of time to relax and just recharge.

See you tomorrow.