The End of the World is Nigh!

Okay, kids. Supposedly the world is ending on Saturday. According to some church group somewhere, Saturday is the day that the “rapture” is supposed to happen.

Good day for it, I guess.

You know…The same day the girls turn 11, we’ll give them some gifts, have them model some of their new clothes, and then, just in time for dinner, Jesus will come to the door, and I’ll have to ask him if he wants chicken or fish.

At least I won’t have to worry about heading into work next week.

You have to wonder where some of this comes from. I mean, I know that humans are always looking for answers like this: where the world came from, when the world’s going to end, how it’s going to end, how long I’ve got left on the planet…Things like that. But things have been going on in pretty much the same way for hundreds of generations now. You’d think there could be some expectation that the world will continue for a few more hundred generations, but then again, maybe not. One more earthquake in Japan might just do us all in.

I find it funny that people worry about things like that. I mean, there isn’t anything you can actually do about it, so why stress out about it? That’s why it’s funny that an event has sprung up on Facebook for an “after the rapture looting rampage.” Some people have reacted indignantly, but really, who cares? If the rapture happens, some will be left behind, and there will invariably be looting. So why not be prepared. On the other hand, if nothing happens, it’s just a gag. And one that points some fun at people who are trying to predict the unpredictable.

Here’s the thing, and hopefully Jenni will back me up on this a bit, but if religion were so straight forward and simple to comprehend, live by, and predict, then everyone would believe in it, you wouldn’t need to study it or find so many different interpretations of it.

So yes. Sadly, I’m planning on going back to work next week.

See you tomorrow.