It’s always with mixed feelings that I return to work after a break.

On the one hand, it is the job, which provides the money and benefits that the family lives off of. But rattling around the house worry free also feels pretty good. It’s the job stresses and office politics…oh, and the having to deal with people and help them thing that’s the down side.

Okay…I fib. Mostly.

It’s not like my job is really that physically demanding: if you can sit in a chair and stare at monitors for about a third of the day, you’ve already blitzed past much of the qualifications required. But I’m tired. I did take a couple of Tylenol today–my head just felt sore right after lunch. I think part of it is just being there while not quite feeling fully right–not quite healed, and not bad enough to need to stay home for a few more days.

It was nice yesterday and today to get back to some real cooking. I just didn’t really have it in me until last night, when I spent the better part of the afternoon slow smoking some ribs on the grill. Tonight was some nice beef tips thick sliced and served with a pan glaze and mashed sweet potatoes. Though the kids were surprisingly ambivalent toward a new item I was absolutely positive they’d adore: a savory monkey bread made with garlic, butter and parmesan. I thought they’d devour it and I’d have to hold them off, but all three tried some and weren’t thrilled. I have no idea how it differs from breadsticks from Pizza Hut or Little Caesars, but apparently it does. Oh well. More for me.

Jenni had her interview tonight, and it sounds like it went really well, so here’s hoping that translates into very good things for her and us. She’s really excited about the opportunity: this is a bigger and more active church than Sunrise or even our home church. Nothing that she talked about sounded like she saw any of it as a challenge, instead it was something to embrace and be excited about. So I hope she gets it, because even though it would be part time, she’d be in heaven because it’s exactly what she wants to do on a scale she’d love to do it in.

And yes…I get these damned splints out tomorrow…I will be boyishly giddy, methinks.

Off to bed. I’m tired from the day. Time to recharge for tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.