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Yes, I’m back to nearly feeling human, and just in time to go back to work tomorrow. Well, actually, I feel mostly better, though the world still seems to be moving just a little faster than I’m able to keep up right now, but I’m not on the pain killers anymore (took 2 Extra Strength Tylenol this morning, just to take the edge off, but that’s been it), so the only thing I can attribute it to is the sudden free space in my head. Or lack of fungus (it’s not as uncommon as it sounds, apparently, a simple Google search proved that, but I’m still not going to share).

I had done a horrible job laying in supplies to keep the family happy and fed during the week that I was incapacitated, so several errands over the weekend were designed to correct that. And it actually felt good, if not a little tiring, to do them: grocery store, Walgreens, Target (ostensibly for clothes to help the girls through the last few weeks of school), and yes, Costco.

I’ve got to admit to a combination of guilty pleasure and morbid fascination with Costco. I like to think we’ve settled into a routine there, so that the trips aren’t quite as overwhelming and are fairly predictable. But, also, like a junkie, I need to go over the receipt when we get home, just totalling up the savings we’ve incurred by buying in outrageous bulk (we went nearly three months without buying Kleenex or toilet paper, and for a family of five, that’s saying something). I know that we’ve already saved the equivalent of our membership and then some, but I just still like to see how well I’m doing in helping keep the family budget balanced.

There’s something new…Jenni’s still in school, we’ve got a mortgage we’re paying, a car payment, utilities, and yet, everything’s current. It’s a nice feeling I don’t think we’ve had since we had kids, if even then. Maybe that’s why I obsess so over Costco: I’ve got less to worry about right now. I’ve got to keep the head focused on something else for a while.

Speaking of Jenni, big doings around here this week: Next weekend is Jenni’s last at Sunrise. She’s working hard on the next step, with still one more year of school to go, but it’s time to move on from her internship/”student worker” position. It’s been a perfectly great church to be a part of for three-plus years, but they’re Methodists, and we’re not, and the timing is right to either settle back to our home church, move to another Lutheran church, or find Jenni a “real” job–which is a lousy term, really…This has been a “real” job, with real responsibilities and kids who really have learned a lot and depended on her for guidance for a long time. I’m excessively proud of her and the accomplishments she has made there. I’ve read her papers for school, and heard some of the truly confusing stuff she’s been soaking in from school, but she’s managed to distill that down to the kids so well, and they all very truly love her. I never had doubts that this was what she needed to move into when we made the decision, but I know it so much more right now. By the way, she’s interviewing tomorrow night, so prayers and good wishes and positive mojo to her, if you please! She’ll be great wherever she ends up, but this one would be an almost perfect fit.

The end of the week also brings Hannah and Zoe’s birthday on Saturday. They’re eleven, thank you. I’ve somehow made it this far without completely going around the bend, so I might just survive the teen years, in spite of what I’ve said in the past. We’ll have a party for just the five of us on Saturday, I think. Well, assuming that the world doesn’t end that day, of course. Though it could be next year. Billboards, websites, and at least one movie seem to have conflicting opinions about when things are supposed to happen. So we’ll get the girls some gifts to at least see them through the last day in corpus, and after that, if the planet keeps spinning with us firmly planted on its surface, they’ll have a family party during Memorial Day weekend.

But the highlight of the week is getting these damned splints out of my head on Tuesday afternoon. You have no idea how much I want that to happen…I just have to do one more read through of my review tomorrow before submitting it, and then my work week can maybe just coast for a bit.

See you tomorrow.