It’s a little weird to be out of work for a week, especially when I’ve been kinda out of it.

So I had to check in today remotely at least to start working on my review, and, of course, dig through some of the new e-mail.

Obviously, it was easier to disconnect from the office before the age of e-mail and voice mail, because you could simply not go into the office to get the mail, memos, message notes and what have you. But now, just because I can connect to the office 24 hours a day, I do…Sadly.

The messages are a little disjointed to me: I don’t have all of the background on some of the e-mails, and am lacking some of that buzz that always seems to accompany others.

But I waded through them and worked on my review today for a couple of hours, and then retreated back into my recovery mode. I watched a movie and took it easy.

The cat has been following me around almost non stop since Monday evening. For 20 years, she’s been an ever-present shadow, knowing when I wasn’t feeling well, or if something else was going on. It’s kind of funny how she can sense all of that.

I’m trying to figure out if all of her concern has been that tiring, or if she’s just sleeping a lot normally anyway. Today she slept for over 3 hours without moving a muscle and awoke when I went upstairs to get something for lunch. Needless to say, she thought it was lunchtime for her, too.

Next week is back to normal, or as normal as I can get for now. The soreness has given way to sheer discomfort, as I’m pretty sure the splints, while necessary, are just trouble on their own, because things just aren’t meant to be up the nose like that…But then again, that’s how I got here in the first place, with things up my nose.

I’m looking forward to being back to that normal, actually writing about useful or regular topics here instead of the ongoing saga of my nasal passages. Oh, to dream.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Peggy Lathrop says:

    So good to see you well enough to blog!

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