It’s an odd thing when there’s a nearly 3 hour hole in your life.

Monday morning, we got to the hospital about 30 minutes early–they’d had a cancellation, and were trying to move things up in the schedule. I got into the operating room maybe only 10 minutes early, though.

The last thing I remember was being strapped down, then waking up with someone telling me to take a few deep breaths. Somewhere in there was 2 hours of surgery or so, plus some time in the recovery room.

So, to the important bit: the surgery was a success–the deviated septum has had its deviation, um, un-deviated; polyps have been removed, and there was, apparently, a fungus ball removed from my head. That latter one is a little bewildering to think about, as you don’t normally want to find a fungus in your body, let alone in your head. But it is what it is, I guess.

So now I’m in recovery mode, rinsing, drugging, putting up with the pain, and sleeping. I’m off work for the week, but won’t get the splints out until next Tuesday, so I get a day and a half at work with these things in, and I’m rapidly deciding they might be the most uncomfortable part of this whole thing.

The breathing is slowly getting better. The pain is slowly getting better. It’s the slowly that’s the problem. I hate walking before running. But that’s just me.

I’ve had some wonderful support: Jenni says she’s hovering over me, but I need it, honestly. It’s part of who I am to push myself too far, and she’s always there to at least ask me if I just did that. I’m a lousy patient. I’ll admit to that: I feel guilty watching everything going on around me and not doing anything to help.

Thanks too for mom for her role in my adult supervision. It’s always nice to get some mothering.

It’s on to day four of the convalescence. Hopefully much better.

See you tomorrow.