Not much

Honestly, I’m trying to avoid reality for a bit.

The news is all Bin Laden, leaving the people in the south to clean up after the tornados without any sense of community from the rest of the country. Everyone complained when Bush flew over New Orleans after Katrina, saying he was ignoring the disaster, yet here we all are, doing the same thing. It seems to be that any presidential administration has some sort of attention deficit disorder and can only handle one crisis or situation at a time. Which, when you think about it, shouldn’t be the case, when they’ve got a staff of so many.

But politicians seem to get tunnel vision very easily: the Republicans in this state have yet to present one single balanced budget bill to the governor, and yet they’re tied up wrangling over a bill to define marriage. Really? Is this what the people of the state sent you there to do? Because all I remember hearing about was the need to be fiscally responsible and not raise taxes.

Now normally, I’d be deep into the Twins season, but they’re deep in looking like a minor league team right now. Even tonight’s no hitter, while exciting, was symbolic of the season: effective but ugly. I wouldn’t call a game with six walks a triumph. Especially against a team that’s hitting even worse than we are.

Layoffs have resumed at work–not in my department, mind you–but upstairs in our building. Customer service got a temporary reprieve so they could finish the sprint to year end. Last Friday was year end, so now the axe is falling. It seems wrong to do that: “we still need you to do your job this week, but next week we won’t.” And unfortunately, I found out tonight that someone I new was let go today…

I’m trying to wind things down at work in preparation for my forced week off next week: trying to get tickets out of my bucket, make sure printer issues are as worked out as they can be, and do the self-evaluation part of my review, which I’m trying very hard to not open with “survived round 4 of layoffs” in the achievements section.

Maybe I’ll put that in the objectives for next year…”Survive round 5 of layoffs.” Oh God…Maybe not.

See you tomorrow.