When a job isn’t a job

If you’ve been reading along here the last couple of weeks, you know that Jenni left her position at Sunrise (the timing was right, I still maintain that), and tried for a job at a Lutheran church not far from the Lathropworld compound and bunker complex.  She learned right before the weekend that she didn’t […]


So much to come back to after this long layoff. Apologies to all of you for how long that turned out to be. Thursday night featured Patrick’s last freshman band concert: a fine concert given by three of his school’s many musical groups. I thought about it briefly after his band finished their part of […]


Just some odds and ends to clean up as we head toward the weekend… Thanks for the notes on the cat. Tonight, she’s feeling frisky and was eating (and actually stole a chicken nugget from the table in front of Zoe). So I have no idea what it was…Just some moment of weakness or sickness […]


It was a big day yesterday for Minnesota’s new favorite son. The timing was right, the day was gorgeous, and it was the perfect opportunity for our very own T-Paw to declare his candidacy for the presidency…In Iowa, not his home state. Yes, America, like pestilence or an STD, the leadership of Tim Pawlenty is […]

Grass up to here

We came out of the storms over the weekend fine–very wet, but fine. Really, just about all it did here at the ol’ Lathrop homestead is rain all weekend, with periods of heavy rain, and a few patches of extremely heavy rain. The winds never really came up much, and honestly, it didn’t even thunder […]


Sometimes, I think that the only thing worse than taking care of kids is taking care of pets. Pippin went into one of her near-death periods on Saturday. She goes through times of throwing up everything she eats about once or twice a month, and she had been throwing up pretty regularly for three days […]


It’s about 9:30 p.m. and, with the exception of the storms rumbling through the state (but not here) all is quiet. The world is still here, most people are still here, and all is moving on. In the meantime, we had our small family celebration for the girls’ birthday. Gifts were opened this morning, followed […]

The End of the World is Nigh!

Okay, kids. Supposedly the world is ending on Saturday. According to some church group somewhere, Saturday is the day that the “rapture” is supposed to happen. Good day for it, I guess. You know…The same day the girls turn 11, we’ll give them some gifts, have them model some of their new clothes, and then, […]


It’s hard to figure out how to tie these two items together in any sensible fashion, so I’ll just spit it out for you. The splints are out. Gone. No longer residing in my nasal passages. I can smell better, breathe better, and according to the pathology report, the polyps and papillomas were benign. It […]


It’s always with mixed feelings that I return to work after a break. On the one hand, it is the job, which provides the money and benefits that the family lives off of. But rattling around the house worry free also feels pretty good. It’s the job stresses and office politics…oh, and the having to […]