Goin’ to the Chapel

In the incredibly unbelievable event that you haven’t heard, there’s some sort of big wedding tomorrow morning that half of the world with a television is going to watch.

Jenni will be: in fact, she’s getting up early–and by early, I mean VERY early–to go to school and watch the wedding with friends there.

I’m hoping that by the time she leaves, I won’t even be thinking of getting up. But unfortunately, that’s around when the cat starts screaming to let me know she’s hungry and ready for breakfast. Yes, my cat wants to eat around 4 a.m.

In case you haven’t guessed, I won’t be watching the wedding of Prince What’s-his-name and lady/miss so-and-so. Considering that we aren’t subjects of the crown any more, I tend to not take much notice of these things…At least until they take us over again and I need to practice my curtsey.

I know. It’s one of those pop culture/historical events that people will be talking about for decades. But I just don’t have any interest. Especially since it’s at 4 in the morning here. I mean really? Don’t the royals have any sense for ratings? They really could have nailed interest by having the wedding start around 8 p.m. their time. Then, at least, it would have been afternoon here. OH, but what about the party afterward, you ask? Screw that! It isn’t going to be televised, so who cares? At least I think it isn’t going to be televised…Okay. Just forget it.

So, Jenni, as you’re watching, enjoy! Hope you’re having fun with the big wedding and you’re seeing the things you wanted to see. Everyone else, if you’re watching, you too should enjoy it. I’ll be sleeping and then getting my kids ready for school. The dress some princess-to-be is wearing won’t be as important to me as the clothes my daughter’s wearing.

See you tomorrow.