It was one of those days today…Things just seemed to want to be challenging today.

I had my pre-op physical this morning, and it ended up resulting in a tetanus and whooping cough booster, and hemoglobin test. I’m not sure what the shot had to do with it, but at least my left upper arm hurts now.

From the client at work who didn’t want to reboot her computer to fix a problem because she was afraid that it would lose some of her files. Never mind the fact that I’ve seen her exact problem hundreds of times before. And that I know exactly how to fix it. And that I’ve never lost files by rebooting in this situation. But she was insistent: somehow, in the course of putting her laptop on and off of the network without restarting, she had lost entire folders of files. I said we need to reboot so I can see if the sync worked, and if not, then I can get the files from the offline cache… Fifteen minutes later, I’d finally talked her down. And the reboot worked. Then she asked why our system wouldn’t let her do something she’s done forever with her laptops. Sigh.

I had a guy who I was trying to help who, for whatever reason, wouldn’t answer his phone unless I e-mailed him first telling him it was me calling. Which raised the question: I know people screen calls with caller ID, but who would really screen internal company calls?

I got scolded for a decryption taking so long. Never mind the fact that the time required is based solely on how much data there is on the computer to decrypt. In this case, “no large files” really meant “I’ve saved every single e-mail from the last five years in 20 files on my computer.”

And then tonight, I noticed that the memory I needed for Jenni’s computer is about to be shipped to my old office address…The office that is closed. Has anyone ever changed the delivery address for an Amazon shipment coming via UPS?

Time for bed. Maybe I won’t have that go bad.

See you tomorrow.