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About the pie

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The Easter weekend festivities all went well.

Jenni’s intergenerational event at Sunrise is so well timed and organized by now that I think she feels it’s almost effortless. But everyone who comes really enjoys it. 35 people were there, coloring eggs, eating pizza, and learning about Easter.

And Sunday was great, even though I had to wake up at 5 in the morning. Church was the usual uplifting occasion it always is on Easter Sunday. And then we came home and prepped for the big family gathering.

We had ham, lamb, asparagus, roasted carrots and beets, a sweet potato gratin, potatoes, rolls and mom’s outstanding lemon meringue pie and Julie’s great fruit pizza. The kids played the afternoon away, and the grown ups didn’t really move from the dining room table, which, I think is a sign of just how much fun we had just talking. Which is funny to look at in comparison to the kids: as a kid, you wonder how anyone can just keep talking for hours and stay at the table that long…And then as a grown up, you learn what it’s really about.

The evening was spent in low-key mode: I watched the new “Tron: Legacy” movie (not nearly as good as the first, and the first was cheesy and pretty flimsy), and went to bed pretty early. I think I’ll need the rest to face the week at work: it’s layoff week, or so we are led to believe, according to the meetings we’ve been attending. I’ve seen a few names come rolling through who I know. And while I’m not anticipating anything affecting me, it’s still just a little uncomfortable waiting for the shoes to drop. I guess the good news is that our group isn’t being outsourced (all of the outsourcing moves have been made and announced). The bad news is that management is being quiet, which, while not unusual, still goes against the promise of complete and ongoing communication and transparency.

The bottom line for you is this: don’t panic or worry about me. I think I’m safe, but what happens will happen.

In the meantime, I learned last night that the softball season opens this week, though at this point neither the weather nor my body shape are really prepared for softball to start for the season If I don’t blog tomorrow, just assume I’m dead or just can’t move after the game.

So now you’re caught up. I hope you and yours had a great Easter. Enjoy the spring that seems to still be yet to come.

See you tomorrow.