Here and gone

Woke up at 5 a.m., looked out of the window briefly and saw there was more than just a dusting of snow on the grass. When I headed out just about an hour later, I had to brush off the car. And the snow was still coming down.

It snowed all morning, finally tapering off sometime around lunchtime. The broad expanse of grass next to my window at work was white except for small patches of green under some of the trees.

But by 4 p.m., the snow was entirely gone.

It must be spring. Even if the weather pattern isn’t giving up on things yet.

Just Sunday, though, we were outside in shirtsleeves, enjoying the full glow and warmth of the spring sun. The girls, Jenni and I went to Costco, and it was nice to traverse the parking lot without jackets.

Ah yes, the great Costco experiment. I shake my little fist in its general direction. In three trips there, we’ve easily saved our membership fee…And that, actually was on one item (a years’ worth of allergy meds for Jenni that would have cost us well over $140 even with my coupon clipping and deal hunting, and cost only $17 at Costco). Add up other things, and just on this last trip, I figured up $40 in savings just on six items. The upside besides the savings is that I won’t need another trash bag until sometime this fall. The downside is finding room for some of this stuff. Just think about where you’d store a box of 200 kitchen trash bags. Or the remaining 375 sandwich bags from the box of 500 that are sitting under my clothing shelf in the bedroom closet.

Jenni likes to rub it in, pointing out my hesitation. And the girls seem to have some sort of addiction to the place which is simply indescribable. But the box of 36 packages of Cheez Its have been hits for the kids for lunches, as have the palettes of juice boxes. But the half-gallon jar of mayo in the fridge that I bought because (1) we were out of mayo, and (2) it was $3.50, just sits there and mocks me because it knows the strange and awesome power of the Costco.

I’m off to bed, hoping not to dream of the super-sized bag of Babybel cheeses that the girls covet in each trip. (Save $10 easily versus even sale prices at Cub or Rainbow!)

See you tomorrow.