All over the place

I don’t have any specific topics to hit on. I don’t have any specific events to talk about. Nothing particularly interesting or illuminating. So I’ll just hit the small stuff.

Everyone seems to be groaning and yelling about the predicted snow for Friday. I just look at the calendar: it’s still April. And this is still Minnesota. Yes, we’re all sick of it, but that should go without saying, I’d think. So don’t tell me how much you really don’t want snow at the end of the week, because I don’t want it either. So there.

As mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m dieting. To which my mind offers great hope, but my body is apparently kind of irritated by: limited portions, heavy on fruits and vegetables, and for now limiting (but not eliminating) dairy is making my hungry. Last time I did this kind of thing, it took two or three weeks to get over the feeling. Hopefully that will go the same way this time.

Oh…And gas at $3.85? My coworkers can just shut up about that one until they start driving a minivan too. I love the van, but I wish something that I could afford and could haul the family offered mileage over 24 MPG. I’m prepping the Flintstone’s style floor to the van so we can just push it some places. When $20 gets you right around one-third of a tank of gas, it really starts making me rethink long drives with the family.

The Twins are starting their season slow, and there isn’t a single other local sports team that’s worth caring about right now…So why do I have a TV?

Not too much else left. I call to schedule my pre-op appointment tomorrow. I’m working on trying to set up a lunch with someone I’ve worked closely with who is leaving the company thanks to the layoffs…But she hasn’t been in the office now for over a week. Can’t say I blame her.

Huh. Is that it? Guess so. Not much to go on tonight, I’m afraid.

See you tomorrow.