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Back to it

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It was back-to-work day for me today, though it’ll only be for a month since I’ll be out for a week again come surgery time in May…

There’s always that feeling to the first day back after more than a couple of days off of work, and some of it is new-fangled stuff, while some is the holdover from office workers of the past: going through messages–these days, volumes of e-mails and the voice mails which end up in the e-mail anyway because the phone and e-mail systems are integrated. Though with smartphones and the time I had to put in from home anyway to fix an issue with a couple of printers, I didn’t have an overwhelming pile of e-mails to go through today. There’s also catching up on events and gossip and the various scuttlebutt of the office. Every office has their share of it, and ours is no exception. And there’s catching up on the actual work that was missed, which fortunately was minimal because my team is pretty good about picking each other up. I had 16 tickets when I left, and only 2 this morning.

Strangely, though, I did find that the person we had helping out our group cleaned up my desk while I was gone…A little weird, but whatever, I guess.

But then tonight at home, it was good to get back to grilling, a pasttime not pursued around here since October. I marinated some chicken thighs and sliced pork loin in a lemon herb mixture and threw it on the grill and served with rice and a sweet potato, corn and pea succotash. It was actually nice to come in from outside smelling vaguely of smoke.

By the way, kids, this is day one of the new “I have to stick to it this time” diet. I have a plan to try to stick to–not too severe, but really trying to force some real change. And exercise starting out every other day. Tomorrow will be my half hour spent walking on the treadmill while watching a movie: say what you will, but that will be the motivation to do it. I’m hoping that by the time I’m mending from the Great Nose Episode, I’ll be breathing better so that I can up the exercise level. The goal is to bike to and from work at least three times this summer. I tell you about the diet for the simple reason that I’ll have to report back and let you know how things are going.

So keep my feet to the fire, please.

See you tomorrow.