One Step Closer

Apparently, this is what happens when you have a second CT scan in about a month: everyone in the imaging center recognizes you.

Since the first round of CT scans weren’t of the quality or type that are needed to get converted into a form that could be used in a computerized system that will be assisting my ENT doc, I was sent back to get a new set done so that they could be converted. This is all so that, while he’s got who knows how many instruments crammed into my nose during surgery, he’ll know where they all are in my head, and what he’s going after.

Presumably, this system is like the TomTom of nasal surgery: “Turn right in three millimeters. You have arrived at your destination. Remove the polyp. Well done!” You just wonder though if it has to recalculate if he decides not to follow its directions…(Yes, ignoring the GPS’ directions is a specialty of mine).

Anyway, I walked into the imaging center, introduced myself , and then was passed off to the registration nurse, who promptly told me I looked familiar. Then she checked my records and discovered why. Shortly after, the pager went off, and another nurse led me through the labyrinthine halls to the CT room, where, after I was told I looked familiar, she referred to the chart, saw that they needed the other type of CT scan, and got me set on the moving table so that the whole process could begin.

10 minutes later, it was finished.

But with that, I’m now all booked and scheduled for the surgery. So by the afternoon of May 9th, my nose and some parts of my head won’t resemble what they are now. (Inject excitement and slight nervousness here…) All that’s left is scheduling my pre-operative appointment with my doctor, and I’ll be set.

So, I’m kind of assuming that about a month from now, I’ll be noticeably absent from this whole blogging scene. But we’ll see what happens. I could be so drugged up, so something fairly funny could come out of it all.

One more step closer to getting this all taken care of.

See you tomorrow.